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SureAz products will be a mixture of traditional sports, leisure and sports fashion products plus its own UNIQUE products which will bear the SureAz logo. We will be looking to source sustainable and environmentally friendly products and where we have a membership base in a specific country then to use their local suppliers where possible.

The products we source will be all locally sourced/manufactured within the countries we are trading at the time. This is to support the local economy and to make it more cost effective to ship our products nationally rather than internationally, plus it is easier in the case of product returns. We will be looking for all sustainable, eco-friendly products on which we can place our Brand. Yes, we realise that the prices will not be so low as those made in Asian countries, however our focus is on local economies and not necessarily price driven.

Our very first country for products is New Zealand and they have a huge range of these type of products and we will be looking at product sourcing during the Pre-Launch period.


These products will be introduced gradually at the end of the Brand Launch period when the Countdown clock reaches zero. We may also introduce some products during the countdown period for marketing purposes or for Founder Packages purchased, at our discretion. Packages will include a variety of products based on the cost of the package.

We are very focused on quickly getting innovative high quality branded products into the market-place either through our Wholesale Business Opportunity or Retail Sales and our 'word of mouth' marketing plan we consider is the best way of achieving our goal in our projected timeframe. The more products worn/used, the higher the exposure of the Brand. 

Due to our innovative Re-purchasing feature and Retail Sales options, we are not just reliant on people joining us!

We will prepare and despatch a specially produced Founder SureAz T-Shirt, similar to below.
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Our very 1st Physical Founder Product has arrived and it looks awesome. If you want to be in at the start, you cannot better getting started now!
All Early Bird Brand Launch Products will be Limited Edition digitally signed by Founder

US$99.95 including shipping

SureAz is looking to source local, sustainable, environmentally friendly New Zealand Sports & Leisure Products for its upcoming product range. Please contact if you are a local Manufacturer of any size and want your products to be considered

Neoprene Wristbands which will identify your Product Purchase Level expect to be available during the Countdown period or with Founder Package purchases


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