A spotlight on the main Features

Product Re-Purchasing Pool...This is a very important feature as this will keep driving product sales perpetually. This could feasibly be giving you daily or multiple daily repeat sales which immediately turn into profit. The power of this feature alone should not be under-estimated and you are not stuck with waiting for monthly autoships for your next commissions. You will be paid DAILY as the repeat sales are received! The higher your personal purchase, the quicker these re-purchase sales are likely to happen.
Advertising,Sponsorship,Philanthropic,Diversification Pool...Without advertising, something terrible happens....NOTHING!! Which is the reason we have built this in a big way into each product sale/package.  The more you get automated advertising, the more you can get automated product re-purchasing...seeing the big picture? Sponsorship by donating surplus products to local organisations is also an excellent way of getting more members. Philanthropy i.e. helping needy causes is also a proven business branding method. Diversification into proven businesses in other major markets such as Travel, Online Business etc. can give additional income streams and attract new clients.
No Selling...One of the biggest failures in direct marketing comes from the majority of  people hating to sell to others and be constantly looking for new Leads which may only come from paid advertising. People get excited at the start, soon run out of people to talk to and subsequently fail. The SureAz Brand has been set up to take out these negatives. Your new Leads come from simply wearing the products, giving away promotional products, Sponsoring Individuals or Teams with Team Uniforms etc from your Sponsorship Pool. Products will have the SureAz logo and creative marketing messages encouraging others to connect with you about a Business in Sport & Leisure plus getting quality serious people from paid advertising, which is generated via ongoing Product Sales which continually adds to the Advertising and Product Re-Purchasing Pools.
Sports Promoter...When you are in a position to have excess Advertising and Products, you also have the benefit of being able to assist other Members by either advertising for them or supplying them products for sponsorship benefits. This could be on the basis that you see them as an important part of your Business or you may also market the excess Pool fund randomly to others for a split of their total overall profits by negotiation potentially creating you limitless income.
Largest market globally... Arguably, Sports & Leisure would be the largest market globally whether for playing, watching or wearing branded products. There will never be a shortage of people to whom our products can be marketed, whether for wholesale or retail purchases.
Most Passionate and Exciting... Sport invokes passion and excitement and this is what the SureAz brand will look to capitalize on. It is a lot easier talking to someone who is aready passionate and put our Brand and plan to them and that passion will soar even further.
'Pass On' sales... The 2nd sale only you pass up to your Sponsor. You get sales up to the Product Package level package you have purchased e.g. if you have personally purchased at $499 and a $999 sale comes through from your automated advertising, then you would lose that complete sale to the next qualified Agent, so it is always best to purchase at the highest level you can afford, so as not to miss sales. As even the top wholesale package cost is relatively low for a sports business, you could be losing a lot of income and you never know when one of the higher value sales could come through. You also only get one chance, as the packages are one-off purchases (subject to conditions*).
Qualification... You are fully qualified after you have passed on your 2nd sale to your Sponsor.
Flexible Profit share... You have the option of sharing your profits (Cash/Advertising/Product Re-Purchase) on a flexible basis with the person who introduced you. The advantage of this is that they are more likely to share their Advertising and Product Re-Purchase Pools with you if they see this as a financial benefit to them....and of course each person can benefit! You may also do this to assist them with monthly qualification.
Retail the Products... Anyone can purchase our products wholesale and sell at a retail profit if that is their choice. A suggested retail price will be advised on each Product.