Stuart Smith



With a wealth of business experience and a life-long interest in sports and leisure, it was decided it was time to join the both together, however to do so needed something very unique and sustainable and which has actually taken many years to fine-tune this concept, despite its simplicity. We have operated a successful long time business (since 2009) in the RV and Roadside Assistance markets and since Covid 19 and its effect on Tourism, we have decided to focus more oon developing our Sports & Leisure Brand.

It was recognized that many business opportunities fail because they fail to build in for advertising/sponsorship and to have an automated method of re-purchasing products, and hence increasing profits for all, on a regular basis.

Direct marketing companies usually get you to sign up and then have no sustainable method of building your Business and you are largely left alone and consequently most get disillusioned and eventually give up. SureAz is geared totally differently with real team building of each others Businesses, as if all company members achieve success then we all succeed.

SureAz is highly geared in favour or Product Re-Purchasing and Advertising/Sponsorship. Whilst these higher percentages built into the product costs, mean lower net profit, we consider there will be considerably more product volume for all with these two important features.

With a wide package range, members can just 'dabble' if they have want or build a serious Business with the higher level Packages.

Even at the higher package level, this is still a 'drop in the ocean' to what you would be spending in a traditional sports & leisure business, so significantly less risk. You could get qualified at the highest level for the cost of a 2nd hand car or monthly salary payment. This is where you have the opportunity to make significant income!

We look forward to you joining us at whichever Product Purchase Level you feel comfortable!