'The SureAz brand focuses on the sale of, where possible, locally sourced/produced, sustainable, eco-friendly sports and leisure products which are sold at a wholesale price to Distributors or retail price direct to customers via our Distributors.


Every product will have a wholesale and retail price point. Distributors can purchase product packages at the level they can afford.


As only the 2nd sale of each distributor for qualification purposes is passed to their Sponsor, there are NO MULTIPLE LEVELS involved in this Business and ALL members are added horizontally, so there are no concerns about the stigma of multi level or network marketing (although legal) in direct marketing opportunities or those that have no products and rely only on recruiting which are blatant illegal pyramid selling opportunities.

Due to our innovative marketing plan putting 70% of profits from wholesale product sales back into product re-purchasing and advertising, product sales are generated within the membership which can also retail our products for profit and income is definitely NOT reliant on new distributors purchasing product packages, which you often see with other Businesses.

35% of profit goes to a mix of Advertising/Local Sports Sponsorship/Local Charities to assist local communities and to jointly assist with brand awareness.


We have a simple standard product distribution plan with a twist, designed to sell more local product and help more make an income. We have a full exchange policy for faulty products returned to us.

As 70% of profits mandatorily have to be spent on Advertising and Product Re-purchasing , then the marketing plan is set up to allow transfer of these funds to new distributors to assist them in building a business which is fair for the benefit of all. So no matter when you purchase product packages the same opportunity is afforded to everyone as those first in will be helping the recent purchasers.

Countdown to Official SureAz Pre-Launch 
Countdown to Official SureAz Launch 
Our Goal...Disrupting the Massive Sports & Leisure Market!
Products and a  Business Opportunity built on
Passion, Excitement and Innovation
No Selling Required!
Our Products and Opportunity are shared automatically
via our innovative marketing method
Will YOU see the Vision OR will you 'Sit on the Fence' and
let this Amazing Business Opportunity pass you by ?
Wear/Use our BRANDED printed products which are designed
to attract attention and continually gain you new Leads!
**NEW** All our Product Packages now include FREE Worldwide Freight

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A Sports Business Like No Other!
Girl Running on Beach

The Sports & Leisure market is arguably one of the largest, exciting and most passionate in the world.

There are few who do not like the thrill of Sport, however, until now, to get involved in a sports brand would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in opening retail shop premises and the high cost of stocking that retail outlet with a comprehensive product range.

Also, to create a new Sports Brand such as Nike, Adidas etc. takes millions of dollars in advertising budgets and these large companies have been making large profits for years from top retail priced products with no sharing of those profits to purchasers.

After many years, we have finally locked in a method for the average person to own their own sports business at a low ingoing cost and minimal monthly outlay compared to owning a retail shop.

The large brands spend a fortune on advertising, so this has been a key element in our marketing plan.

We wanted no network or multi-level marketing, matrices, binary plans etc. and to focus on REAL tangible products with a wholesale and retail price. While there are many professional businesses in that arena, the general perception is still one of mistrust of these type of opportunities due to their high fall-over rate. At SureAz we are focused on wholesale and retail physical product sales and getting the products seen.

Just like a traditional model, we have built-in advertising and sponsorship into the way the profit is distributed, plus automatic product re-purchasing which creates the ability to 'give-away' products as sponsorship 'prizes' in your community to build the brand awareness (all products will be packaged with marketing material). This also creates an automatic residual feature as each time products are re-purchased from the Pool, the Direct Agent earns again automatically.

Couple this with our unique 'Sports Promoter' (which encourages Direct Agents to assist each other utilising their Advertising Pool for financial gain) feature then you have a powerful earning model. Just like a traditional business your end net profit per unit could be small in percentage, however it is better to have a small percentage of a lot of sales generated through continual product re-purchasing and distribution for brand awareness and regular advertising/sponsorship, than a large percentage of small sales numbers.

Other direct sell businesses get you to purchase a package and then leave it to you to find the market, which soon gets the majority disillusioned and then they quit the business.

With our built-in advertising to each profit split of the business model, then you can build up advertising, as well as your DIRECT Agent also being able to spend advertising budget to get you under way...after all it is in their interest to see you succeed!

We also see the business being ideal for those who have had a sporting career and lose their way once they retire from sport (these having a large contact base) or anyone with an avid interest in sport.

Another long term goal is for successful members to have the ability to open their own Sureaz retail shops, creating them even more business from the increased visibility. Retail has been in decline, however this offers the ability to refresh this market with upfront expenses being available from the marketing. 

Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball
Winter Apparel
Top Quality Branded Products
Paragliding in the Mountains

Our intention is to market a range of top quality sports and leisure products. However some promotional products and selected products will unavoidably have to come from Asian markets.

SureAz is a registered trademark.

We make no excuse for being at the higher retail end of pricing, the same as the other brands in the marketplace. We are not aiming to compete on price, we are here to supply top quality products and provide an opportunity for people to get into their own exciting sports business at a very low start-up cost.

Our product range will be all BRANDED products which do not need prior approval to sell in a country e.g. clothing, footwear, accessories etc.

Due to our marketing structure, our Agents are being put in a position to also give away these top quality products as sponsorship/brand awareness prizes. Each product will come with a professionally produced marketing brochure covering retail sales and for those who may want to start a sports and leisure business.

Market Size
The Market

Sports and leisure products are reported to be a trillion dollar market and is dominated by famous brands who essentially manufacture products at a very low rate usually in Asian countries and sell at retail with a high profit margin.

There is little opportunity for individuals to get involved in this massive market.

As the market is so large and there is no shortage of people passionate about their chosen sport,then this represents a rare opportunity to get involved for the average person.

Fit Girl
Mountain Biking in the Fog
Ready Set Go
Golfer hitting golf
Basketball Players Portrait


'Up and Coming' Sportspersons

via Sponsorship


Supporting Local Charities


Sponsorship is one of the hardest things to acquire when you are an up and coming sportsperson, however this is when you need the assistance most, not so much when you are are a well known sports personality. Other brands only support generally when a sports person is successful. SureAz aims to assist those with talent in achieving their dreams by supplying sponsorship in the early stages of their sporting career.

Charitable causes will also be able to be supported from the 33% of available profit split, as this works twofold in being able to support local charities AND creating brand exposure and credibility.

Yoga Team


  • Advertising/Sponsorship is built into EVERY product purchase. The more products sold, the higher your personal advertising budget which creates even more SureAz product sales creating continual momentum

  • Promote your own Brand by purchasing space on our products using your advertising budget. Think of F1 Racing Cars with multiple brands showing on the cars

  • Automatic product re-purchasing creates automatic residual income, as all  re-purchases go to the original Direct Agent

  • A percentage of EVERY product purchase goes to your  Advertising/Sponsorship Pool. Supporting local Sports organisations creates extra exposure for the Brand, which in turn means more sales for you.

Amputee Athlete
Girl Running

“How big is the sports industry?

Sport is an industry full of passion, feelings, euphoria and also big disappointments — both for fans as well as for athletes trying to do their best.

But the sports industry is also a business — one of the biggest ones.

The estimates on how big the sports industry is, varies by source, but it’s commonly considered to be more than $500 billion, with some estimates running up to $1.3 trillion!”Credit: SportFi


The global sports market reached a value of nearly $488.5 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% to nearly $614.1 billion by 2022. Credit: Business Wire 


Why people fail in direct marketing opportunities

In direct marketing business opportunities it is very simple why people fail, and it is for the following reasons:


  • They quickly run out of prospects and as the majority of the population are not sales people, do not want to approach family or friends and they quickly become disillusioned and quit.

  • They try to market online in FREE Groups which is highly competitive and all there are just trying to market their own Businesses, so once again prospects are not easy to gain. They cannot afford the paid advertising which would produce more results.

  • They do not get enough support to help build their Business.

  • They have to battle negative reviews about the marketing method and its legalities, after all the first thing a serious person looking at a Business is going to do is check out reviews online and do their due diligence.

  • The market they are promoting in is saturated with other ‘me too’ like business opportunities, so are constantly battling competition and the passion and excitement is not there as so many are doing the same thing.

  • The marketing plans are too similar and it is the same old rehash each time


...and how we went back to the drawing board and turned this upside down as follows so ALL can achieve SUCCESS:


  • We have chosen THE most passionate market in the world...SPORT. The majority of the population either loves playing it or watching there is no better market to promote a Business

  • Incredibly we could find no real contender for a Business opportunity marketing a Sports Brand....unless you want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on retail premises and stock

  • We recognize that the major well known Sports Brands have got to where they are simply by charging high retail prices, low production costs meaning high margins and spending a large percentage of the profit on advertising and we all know this works and we did not need to reinvent the wheel. We still have kept a major advertising and sponsorship component which is shared among members via our marketing method, but the balance of profit, instead of paying via retail premises, is paid to SureAz members

  • By allowing members to build an Advertising/Sponsorship budget from product sales, this takes away the problem of continually searching for new prospects for your Business. The Advertising /Sponsorship does this for you.

  • By allowing members to share Advertising/Sponsorship/Earnings this puts in place an exceptional support system as all are working to help each other

Why you can feel comfortable marketing SureAz
  • There are ONLY physical products. Products must be sold for profit to be made. No digital products to make things look legal.
  • Products have a cost, wholesale and retail cost
  • There are no schemes here e.g. Pyramid, Matrices, Ponzis etc.
  • The brand is registered and operated by a legitimate Registered Company
  • You don't have the problem of rejection due to an unpopular or illegal marketing structure. We have eliminated this concern with a simple profit share which can reward the persons joining both before of after you with our unique marketing plan.